Taking Christmas production to the Next Level

Dec. 23-24th 2015

This Christmas Harmon’s AV teamed up with the production staff at Next Level Church to bring The Wonder of a Star to life.  Barbara B Mann performing arts hall was church for; 2 days, 4 services & over 6,000 attendees.

Next level church relies on lighting, sound and video together to create an immersive experience at their campus and when moving to Barbara B. Mann for their Christmas service they turned to Harmon’s AV help create a similar experience at the local theater.


Harmon’s implemented 3 circle truss’ flown with Stretch Shapes screen fabric stretched across the inner circumference of the circle to provide i-mag and graphics a place to live. The center circle was slightly larger than the outer two with an 14’ inner diameter, the others being 10’. To support the balcony seating with clear video we used a 7.5’ x 14’ screen. All of the screens were supported with DLP Mitsubishi projectors and the signals were processed using Analog Way and Panasonic video switching equipment.


Harmon’s provided over 100 light fixtures for the event including: 20 5R Beams + 56 Opti LED Pars + 29 ELED Strips + 12 LED Moving Heads + 1 Mirror Ball.

Next Level Church, wanted to take the lighting for this years Christmas to the next level. The nights were themed on “The Wonder of a Star”, adding on the the theme of the circle truss screens as stars, Lighting Director & Designer Ryan Gates thought to make make these stars shine. Bringing the circles to life with moving head LEDs, Pars & Beams. This design was then given more dimension by adding some more Pars and moving head lights above the stage, these pars also helped to set the cool blue night time theme of the event.

Further expanding on this starry eyed theme NLC added a mirror ball to reflect light from the beams all around the room. Accomplishing the feeling of being transported into a field of stars in the blink of an eye.

Keeping the majority of the viewer's attention on the starry screens, 29 pixel bars were set up in vertical orientation where random LEDs would illuminate causing a twinkling effect.


To create a more immersive audio experience Harmon’s provided 6 RCF dual 18” subwoofers to supplement the theaters existing speaker system. Two stacks of three Subs flanked either side of the stage directly under the house line array.

Next Level Provided their own mixing console, a Midas Pro 2 with Cat5 runs to the stage to accommodate the inputs and outputs over AVB.


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