Harmon's Uses a Chromecast?!?!


The SWFL Food & Wine Fest 2016, is always a memorable event. This year Harmon’s used a custom app to show the dollar amount of the current bid on the 7 displays throughout the room.

The live auction portion of this event is always the highlight, the auction has raised a total of 12.8 million dollars that directly benefits SWFL Children’s Charities to read more about the event please visit their website www.swflwinefest.org.

To accomplish getting this live dollar amount on the screens quickly and efficiently we used downstream keying from a Roland switcher on a custom Chromecast app. This app, built in house, allows any computer running Google’s Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension installed to send text to the Chromecast. Using downstream keying, to remove the background color of the app (can be customized) leaving only the text, to be show on top of the other video/powerpoint etc.

To use Auction Cast you may find it on the title bar of our website under portals. If prompted to enter a password, please email kevin@harmonsav.com for access.